VORUM System

Is a CAD/CAM system that has been specifically designed for Orthotics and Prosthetics. It uses specially designed scanners that measure and shape captures any body segment. This allows our practitioners to shape capturing using Plaster and Fibreglass OR shape capturing using the latest digital technology. This is a huge advantage when working with Inpatients, Kids, Spinal patients or anyone who would otherwise, be difficult to cast. All required modifications can be done in a virtual lab. The data of each patient is digitally and securely stored on a computer.

This data can then be sent to our Onsite, 3D carver that will quickly and accurately, replicate the body segment needed to fabricate the required device. The electronically stored data, allows us to compare old measurements to new ones to see the changes in body shape, over a given time. Another unique feature, is that the clinician can superimpose an X-ray or picture over the modified digital image. This allows the clinician to visually see and measure, the exact degree of correction the finished device will produce.

For more information go to, www.vorum.com